Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book of Enos, Book of Mormon Writing Prompts

Book of Enos
Book of Mormon Writing Prompts
By Sofia Lykes July 2015

1. Who was Enos' father? Get a picture of your father, or a father figure to you. Glue it in the middle of a piece of paper. Draw lines from the pictures and add descriptions of your father. These descriptions could include- some of his best qualities, words of wisdom he often says, things he does to show his devotion to God.

2. Enos 1:6, "And my soul hungered." What are some spiritual questions you have? Write them down. See if you can find answers!

3. If someone came up to you and asked, "What is prayer?" how would you respond?

4. Enos 1:21 Develop a Nephite character who did "till the land". Talk about the day he or she had!

5. Enos 1:27, "There is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father." What will those mansions be like? Who will you want there with you? Create a picture of it and label.

6. Time your prayers for 1 week. Create a daily log and write down the things you prayed about and time it took. See if you can add news things and pray a minute longer the next day and the next!! Reflect on your prayers and ask family members what they pray about. Maybe you can add those ideas to your prayers too if the Holy Ghost inspires you to.

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Laura Henckel said...

These are awesome!!!!! I had to click on the writing prompts label to find out more, but they truly are the bomb!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to print these up and post! (And I have missed you! I am not surfing the internet as much and need to remember to stop on by more often :-) )