Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book of Jarom, Book of Mormon Writing Prompts

Book of Jarom
Book of Mormon Writing Prompts
By Sofia Lykes July 2015

1. "Benefit of our brethren" Make a power point presentation with 5 things you believe would benefit those in the world who do not believe in Christ.

2. Draw a map of the Plan of Salvation. Label it.

3. Jarom 1:5
Define the following or write some examples of how to do the following:
- observed to keep the law
- observed to keep the Sabbath
- profaned not
- neither did they blaspheme
- laws of the land exceedingly strict (what does strict mean? Any examples you can think of in your own land?)

4. Jarom 1:12 "Prick their hearts with the word." Find a Friend Magazine. Have a piece of paper and draw a large heart. Look through the magazine and when you read something that makes you feel happy, or another peaceful feeling, draw a line from the heart and write down the words. Once your paper is full, write on the inside of the heart what all these words inspire you to do this week.

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