Thursday, October 11, 2012


Ok. I don't even know where to start. I feel beyond excited. The possibilities are endless.
I guess this came out in January of 2012 and I vaguely remember seeing it and thinking, that's nice.
Fast forward to this month and WOW. Let me explain.
LDS.ORG has a link

Do you have a beginning reader?
All The Friend rebus stories are HERE (Easy readers with pictures to substitute words)!!!!!!!

Do you want to make a baptism book for your child to study before they are baptized?

Click HERE for a bunch of great resources from The Friend... from a filling the font activity to a video of Christ being baptized. Fabulous!!

Do you want a nightly scripture to recite with the kiddos, maybe something to hang up on their wall until the next one??

Look no further!!! Click HERE for scriptures with beautiful artwork from The Friend!!!

Man... I need something quick to DO for Family Home Evening...

CRAFTS!!!!!!!!! Gospel Inspired.

Need help preparing for General Conference?
HERE are quotes from past conferences and HERE are words from the apostles!!!
For the young pianist!!! ALL the easy to play arrangements!!!!
Click HERE to start!!!
Whoever put all the resources together for this section of LDS.ORG, my deepest and most sincerest gratitude!!!!
Do you see friends? Do you SEE?!?!?! 
Baby shower gifts! Quick FHE's! Sunday Activities!!! Church bag materials!!
Go. Get a file box!
Turn on the purple cow laminator.
Coscto Color Ink Refills- $15 right?
And don't forget to say a prayer to bless those who have worked so hard to put that website together.
I feel like we should all gather in a close circle, put our hands together, shout "Let's get closer to Heavenly Father!", break, hands in the air followed by a loud YEAY!!!!
I would be "LIKE #486", however I'm not on facebook. Can we just pretend? I am LIKE #486!!!
Please excuse all the exclamation marks. I can't contain myself! I hope you are excited as I am!!


Anonymous said...

I love found your website. I love it! Thank you for all of your hard work.
A Newly Called Primary Prez

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Thanks so much!! Hope you have a great time in your new calling!