Sunday, October 21, 2012

Draw A Pumpkin Singing Time or FHE

Roll a Pumpkin
I came across some fun roll the dice art games and thought I'd make one for primary.
Start by singing a song. Any primary friend who is singing boldly, being reverent, or is just plain awesome will be picked to roll the dice.
On the first roll, they draw a body for the pumpkin depending on what they roll. If it's a 1, then they draw the long oval. If it's a 2, then the fat circle.... etc. You can use the chalkboard, a large piece of butcher paper. Make sure to have them draw big so everyone can see! The shapes are simple enough that even Sunbeams can draw.
Choose another friend to roll for eyes & noses. Then another for mouths and finally, a fourth friend to draw the stuff on top! Choose another primary friend to name our pumpkin creation!
By the time you sing some songs you'll have a unique primary pumpkin patch!
This could also work for Family Home Evening. You could sing songs or have gospel trivia questions. Once the question is answered, the family member rolls the dice.
Or you could just play it for fun!!!
I plan on doing a few more of these. If you are disgruntled by my lack of artistic skill, I'm with you 82.4%. But here's the thing. It doesn't matter because the elections will be done soooooooooon!!!!!
Hooray!!! I'm so over all the nastiness already!!
Aren't you!?!?!


Gina said...

I love this idea!!!

Liz said...

Just wanted to let you know, I did this today and it was a huge success! I am new to the singing time thing, and your blog has been such a blessing. Thank you!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Thanks Sister Gina! What beautiful curly hair you have.

Thanks Sister Liz!! I'm glad it went well! Your kind words made my day!