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President Monson Jeopardy... Round 2!!

I did a FHE jeopardy a while back that my kiddos loved. Everything came from his biography, To The Rescue, by Heidi Swinton.

You can see that jeopardy HERE.

I found some other fun facts as I finished the book, so I thought I'd do a round 2!! Double Jeopardy as you will.

Jeopardy Categories include:
Favorite Foods
All Over the World
Many Miracles
Who'd have thought!

Favorite Foods
100 What does President Monson like to eat in the mornings, a habit that he's had since childhood?

200 What flavor yogurt does President Monson favor?

300 President Monson likes to go to a coffee shop called the Little America Hotel, owned by one of his friends. He loves a certain menu item there for lunch, what is it?
(cream soups - especially tomato)

400 What does President Monson like to drink with his meals?

All Over the World
100 President Monson was called to preside over what mission at the age of 31?
(The Canadian Mission)

200 The first time, as an apostle, that President Monson attended a temple dedication was where?
(The Oakland California Temple)

300 President Monson was assigned to supervise the South Pacific Area. Often he would visit the islands for 3 to 5 weeks at a time! While he was there, how would he correspond with people back home in America?
(By letter... which was very slow to arrive!)

400 In this place, there was a severe drought. When President Monson arrived the first people he met were the stake presidents, President Rivers and President Waters. He thought this was amusing and told his traveling companion. His traveling companion introduced himself- Elder Brooks. The missionaries who met them at the airport included an Elder Rainey. Even at the hotel, the receptionist couldn't find the reservation until she check Thomas S. Monsoon!! Where was this place?

Many Miracles
100 President Monson often helped the members of East Germany. It was a war torn country and the government was very strict. One day, he was talking to President Kimball remarking how he wished they could have a copy of a a certain church handbook for the saints there. There was no way the government would let a copy in. President Monson was asked to memorize the very LONG book and then type it out while there. He sat down and started... he got through 30 pages when he was prompted to look up. It was a miracle. What did he see?
(A copy of the handbook completed and in the right language, no one knows to this day how it got there on a shelf above him)

200 One time when President Monson was on a plane, the pilot announced they wouldn't be able to land because of fog. President Monson was on a tight schedule, so he said a prayer. What happened next?
(Seconds later, the pilot said there was a momentary clearing and they would be able to land)

300 At a stake meeting, President Monson had a feeling to invite a former stake president forward to bear testimony and join him in setting apart the new stake president. The man said, "That would be the highlight of my life." The man was extremely happy to be able to do so and give thanks to the men and women of the stake whom he had served. The next morning President Monson received a call from the man's son. What had happened?
(The man had passed away, but before he did so, he said that yesterday was the happiest day of his life. It was a miracle.)

400  In Great Britain, President Monson was visiting a printing press that was printing new editions of the LDS bible. Feeling prompted he said to pull a sheet from that being printed, he knew there was an error. The pressman said, "Not possible, we've read this 12 times!!" President Monson said, "Well, you've missed it 12 times." Sure, enough, there was a small error. President Monson thanked who afterwards?
(Heavenly Father for His hand in all things)

Who'd have thought!!
100 When this football team plays, President Monson dons the maize and blue as a true fan. He records football scores, wins and losses, in his journal on New Year's Day. What college team is this?
(Michigan- A coach, Bo Schembechler made favorable comments about LaVell Edwards and the Church and President Monson has been a long time fan!)

200 President Monson met this American President and had a fun time discussing dogs and breeding. The American President showed him to his kennel and asked him which one he would choose. President Monson chose a pup with strong legs. The American President named the pup Ranger and when he visited Salt Lake City, he updated President Monson on quote, "their dog". Who was the American President?
(President George Bush, 1989)

300 President Monson rarely did this chore in his home. His wife did it for years!!
(Change the lightbulbs!)

400 The first time President Monson was away from home was on a scout camping trip. It was freezing and the first part of the trip the boys threw snowballs at each other. Everyone was shivering, wet and homesick. The next day President Monson's parents brought something over to comfort the boys. President Monson wanted it to be chili, but instead it was what?
(Ice cream!!)

Final Jeopardy Question: We are led by a living prophet today. Through these questions and stories we have learned a lot. What is something you appreciate and love about our dear President Monson?

And a quick thank you to Heavenly Father! I had an idea of what I wanted to do for the trivia questions, but always wanted to double check the material to make sure I've written it right. So out of 500+ pages I just "happened" to turn to the pages with the trivia information I needed at least 5 times. God loves us.

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Erin Riley said...

I love this thank you! I homeschool and I've just started a Unit Study of all of the prophets starting with President Monson. This is just what I needed!