Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scatter Sunshine Hymns pg. 230 Song Helps

Hello Sunshine courtesy creative commons license by Brandon Christopher Warren July 25, 2009

* Make paper sun finger puppets and wiggle on the words “scatter sunshine” or any other word that has to do with happiness!

* Have a bunch of children come up to the front in a line. Have another child with pass along cards. At the chorus, have that child skip to each person to hand out a pass along card. Or for a FHE line up a bunch of stuffed animals for your child to pass out the pass along cards to! How is missionary work like sunshine? Is sharing the gospel service?

* Have some gray clouds throughout the room. Sing the 3rd verse and have a child take down the clouds and put a sun in it’s place. On the clouds you can have the words to the verse -When the days are gloomy, Meet the world’s repining, Thru the ills of life, O’er it’s toils and strife. And then on the suns the positive words- sing some happy song, with a courage strong, go with faith undaunted, scatter smiles and sunshine.

* Make sunshine wands for the children to use to conduct the song. (This would be especially fun teaching the meter of 6/8… see page 384 in the Hymn Book)

* Have a large paper sun with removable rays! On the rays have different ways to sing the song… girls only, teachers only,sing with eyes closed, sing boldly, etc….

* Have an erasable white board. Invite a child to come to the front and write down words they hear that stick out to them in the song. (Or for younger they can draw a picture of a word they hear) Ask them after you are done singing to share what that word means to them or anyone else who has special thoughts about that word or phrase.

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